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 Post subject: What is Tales of the Seekers [readme first]
PostPosted: Sat Jun 13, 2015 9:46 pm 
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Tales of the Seekers is a fantasy play by post game that pits the player characters against the forces of darkness in an effort to save their realm from the prophesied war between the Forces of Light and Darkness.

The characters are part of a secret order that has been charged with readying the realm of the mortal races for this war. The story involves traveling the world by various means which include dirigible airships, jump gates (lost artifacts not found yet), and other more mundane methods that include wagons, horses, and on foot.

The Academy exist in the shadows and so do their people. Think of the seekers being men in black. If something goes bump in the night seekers go thump on the bump. Seekers might get sent to retrieve an artifact or a person but they also could be sent to curtail two kingdoms on the verge of war. They might get sent on a mission to eliminate something that should not exist in their world also (Thumping the bumper reference).

Now on to some more information

You probably seen me peppering the word "The Order" and such all over the various posts. The Order is a religious order of the Starry Lady. The Starry Lady is the goddess of divinity (oracles) and her religion revolves around the belief that everything is preordained. Some of the Acolytes of the Order are budding oracles and usually are not allowed to go on missions.

The Order was created to carry out a mission given to them by the Starry Lady herself. It is written in the holy book that is hidden deep underground beneath the Orders Dome of the Starry Lady. Few of the living that now reside at the Dome have seen the book and usually they are elder oracles.

Hidden inside the Order is a school, a secret school. It is neither acknowledged nor denied by the Order and is only referred to it as "The Academy".

The Academy is where all the various seekers went through their training. No two seeker gets the same exact training as some focus on the art of combat while others study traps and locks and then there are those that learn how to weave and shape the reality of the world which is usually referred to as magic. The Academy then groups individual seekers together as needed when there is a mission.

Seekers never refer to themselves as seekers nor do they refer nor speak about the Academy existence for if the wrong person finds out, the Order and the Academy will fall which will doom the world to unending misery and slavery at the hands of the dark ones.
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