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 Post subject: Wondering and wandering
PostPosted: Sat Jun 13, 2015 9:15 pm 

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Olaf Thunderfoot wrote:
Extel was born into a small clan where his father was the village drunk which said a lot for a village of Fauns. With lack of guidance, Extel would go about and pester anyone who would stand still for a moment with questions about anything and everything. It got to the point of the other Faun youths would hide from him or claim they had chores to do, just to get away from his unending questions. As the seasons change and the years go by, Extel takes to wandering the nearby woods then farther and farther he travels for there no one in the village would stay still long enough to talk to. He made friends with the various woodland feys such as sprites and pixies where they would love to listen to Extel's pipe playing.

When Extel reach maturity, for his race, he decided to walk away one day and never returned. He traveled across the land, finding danger, hunger, and thirst, while meeting a variety of people. One day many seasons into traveling, Extel cross a long series of hills to come upon a small farm that was under attack by some vicious creature that he had never seen nor heard of during his travels. After the creature left the farmers hut and Extel heard no other creature in the area, he snuck down to see if anyone was still alive or anything could be used (waste not want not was a motto he learned to live by while wandering the wilderness) only to discover a young boy clinging to life as it slowly dripped away. Extel comforted the child as best as he could till the boy's body grew limp and cold then with a heavy heart Extel pulled out his pipes to play a mournful dirge of lost youth and death. After burying the bodies and claiming supplies, Extel left the area to travel in a direction that was different than the way the creature went.

Almost a full season of traveling went by before Extel ran into his next human, who was an elderly person, that lived in a small cave that was rather nicely furnished in handcrafted items. The elderly man was well versed in the lore of herbs and their properties along with the medical uses of alcohol. Extel stayed with that human for a better part of a year, learning much of what the old man would teach. Extel learn many beneficial and detrimental aspects of various plants, sometimes the hard way. During this time Extel traveled with the old man as he visited small communities to perform animal husbandry and other needed services such as setting limbs or relieving fevers and such with herbs. He was able to see what herbal remedies can do if properly created for Extel witnessed a herbal poultice pull poison from a limb, heal a broken arm quicker than normal, and even reduce the pain of a rotted tooth to the point that the old man could just reach in and pull it out with his bare fingers (not something you want to do on a bear normally). After wintering with the old man, wanderlust was soon bursting out of Extel and as first thaw started off he went with the old man's blessings and knowledge about herbs, grains, and fruits.

While wandering, Extel thought about the village of humans that the old man spoke of during the wintering and decided to go visit that village of the all seeing humans. Replaying the tales the old man spoke about, how he belonged to a group that traveled in ships that sailed the air, searching about in lost rhunes for items that the all seeing humans said was needed for an upcoming war, how these all seeing humans worried about the whole world and tried to do their best to make it a safe place to live.

Extel came across what appeared to be an abandoned village. He went down to explore it, only to discover it wasn't as abandoned as he thought. One of the buildings was fully stocked with food supplies and equipment. Looking about, Extel found a wine press and a fermenting vat in one building while behind it is a nice selection of healthy grapes growing nearly ripe. With a devilish grin, Extel harvests the grapes then presses and starts to ferment them. After the long process he finally completes the wine making, just in time for an airship to appear out of the sky and drop their anchor. A rather large group descends down onto the ground to start loading the supplies when they noticed some of them have been used for Extel had to dig around to find the sugar and yeast for the wine.

Extel finds himself trapped in the building with his precious wine when the group spread out to search but instead of attacking and killing him, the leader calmly walks over to the rack of wine that Extel built and smiled. A short time later, along with a bottle of wine, the stories are exchanged and Extel gets to ride on his first airship all the way to the group of all-seeing human's village. He mets another elderly human that goes by the name Malvok and is allowed to stay on the small island.

Over the next few years Extel lives in a small hut located in a small forested area on the island where he tends his small herb patch and grape vines to make his wine. He travels up to the Dome of the Starry Lady (all-seeing humans temple) and goes to something they call classes. Everyone is nice to Extel and seem to be willing to answer any of his questions. There was this big ox like person that hung around for a while then left on an airship but Extel never got a chance to speak to the humongous person and ask questions.

One day the elderly human asked Extel to travel with some other people and retrieve something lost. After that grand adventure, he found himself sitting in a small non descript tavern in a little unknown village on the edge of the Feywoods.
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