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 Post subject: The Order and their Mission
PostPosted: Sat Jun 13, 2015 9:50 pm 
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Back in the mists of forgotten time, the Order was formed in secret to protect and guide the kingdoms of the mortal races who lived on the world mother. The Starry Lady foresaw that in the future that the mortal races were going to war against an unknown enemy whose intent was the destruction of all on the world mother. The Order was tasked to collect needed material, be it magical items or people, for the coming war while providing guidance to various kingdoms. The Order does this by working from in the shadows, unknown and unseen. There are scrolls of prophesies written by the Starry Lady that are scattered among her various temples while a supposedly handwritten book by the Starry Lady herself reside in the hidden vaults on the Isle of the Starry Lady

Excerpt from the Starry Lady's Journal
When the world mother was young, a god walked her lands and explored her earthen depths but without warning he left her. Upon being abandoned, she began to cry streams of water, the streams turned to rivers, the lakes became seas then oceans. As the water continued to fall, faint cries were heard and when the world mother heard the crying she stopped her sorrows. She finds laying in a fertile valley 5 babies which she realizes that the young god created from her and gave them to her to raise. Over time unknown and unimaginable the babies grew to adulthood with only the world mother caring for them but soon she grew tired and had to sleep.

The Order realized early on that there would be a need of trained people that could seek out the items or people that the oracles would proclaim needed for the coming battle and so they created a secret school, neither acknowledged or denied by the Order, that was just referred to as the Academy. When someone graduates from the Academy, they join the order as a seeker.

Excerpt from the Journal
Her children grew bored and restless in their loneliness so they started to create mortal creatures. At first the children were happy and joyful with their creations but soon they started squabbling among themselves. One terrible day some of the children began to wage war against another. Mortal races were created and used, some twisted to a mockery of themselves, to wage this war.

While the sleeping world mother heaved , groaned, and cried in pain as the savagery rippled over and inside her, two of her children gathered together and called out to their father. Upon hearing his children calling for his return, the god traveled back to the world mother only to see the ruin and destruction that blotted the world mother like open sores that weep. Filled with rage and horror over the plight of the world mother the god summoned the defilers, the corrupted ones, of the world mother. Looking over the embattled and squabbling children, the god's judgment was quick and the wicked children were banished to the nether realms. He then turned his attention to the rest of their children and decreed that none of them shall set foot upon the world mother until she has forgiven them. The god took all the children with him as he left except the two children who called out to him. Luna and her sister of the night sky, the Starry Lady, chose to remain and watch over their mother as she slept for they knew the evil ones would seek vengeance on the world mother.

There are many Seeker groups and their tales. What is posted is just one of many tales untold till now.
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